"General Meeting ​at Gadchiroli"
For ​the ​establishment of ​N​ew District Chess Association ​​
Date : 24th August​ 201​6 (Wednesday) at ​9:00 ​A​M​.​​
Venue: ​​​Residence of Satish P. Ayalwar,
Shivaji Nagar, Camp Area,

Contact Details:
​​​​​​1)Name: -​ Mr. Kiran Sambre.
Mobile No: 9403701170 / 9595539977
Email ID: ​ ​ksambre78@gmail.com​ ​
​​​2)Name: -​ ​​​Mr. Satish Ayalwar
Mobile No: 9423502431
Email ID: ​satishayalwar@yahoo.com ​

Kind Attention!!!

We are happy to inform you that, Government of Maharashtra has declared the "5% reservations to the meritorious Chess players of Maharashtra in Government, Semi Government and other ​fields​".
For more details, please refer MCA / Home Page / MCA Important.

​​Nagpur Chess Academy, Organizing​​,

"Maharashtra State Amateur​ Chess Championship 2016​​.​"
​​​Event Code : -​ 142925/MAH/2016 ​​
Date : ​​​​​​​​​​​5th October to ​9th ​October 2016.
Venue: ​​​Naivedhyam Eastoria​,
Chikhli Kalamna​ Road,
Surya Nagar, Nagpur.

Contact Details:
​​​​​​1)Name: -​ ​​​Jayant Darvekar.
Mobile No: 9823096867/ 9665094494
Email ID: ​ ​jdarvekar@rediffmail.com ​
​​​2)Name: -​ ​​​Umesh Panbude
Mobile No: 9822721386
​​​3)​​​FA Anurag Singh
Mobile No: 9021984949

Dear​ ​Narayani,

Heartiest Congratulations for winning Gold Medal at "​Commonwealth U-12 Girls Chess Championship 2016”, Sri Lanka"!!!​
MCA team wishes you all the very best for your upcoming Chess Tournament.​

Jalgaon District Chess Association & Jain Sports Academy Jalgaon Organizing​​,

"Maharashtra State Selection Under-17 (Open & Girls) Chess Championship 2016.​​"
Date : 26th August to 28th August 2016
Venue: ​​​Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj,
Krida Sankul Jalgaon.

Contact Details:
​​​​​​1)Name: -​ ​​​Shri. Pravin Thakare,
Mobile No: 9403507150
Email ID: ​ ​ pravin.thakare.jalgaon@gmail.com
​​​2)Name: -​ ​​​Shri. Ravindra Dharmadhikari,​
Mobile No: 9422776865
​​​3)Name: -​ ​​​Shri Pravin Somani,​
Mobile No: 9527381657

​Shrirampur Taluka Chess Association, Organizing​,

"Late Budhmalji Kunkulol Memorial State level Open Chess Championship 2016​.​"
Date : ​24th September to 2​5th September 2016
Venue: ​​​Dr. Shivraj Nagarkar Hall​,
Shiv Parvati Mandir,
Cross Main Road,
Shrirampur - 401709​

Contact Details:
​​​​​​1)Name: -​ ​​​Shri. Gurujit Singh
Mobile No: 9762649297 / 7038590997
​​​2)Name: -​ ​​​Shri. Sharad Kurhe
Mobile No: 9822210038
​​​3)Name: -​ ​​​Shri. Sandip Kadam
Mobile No: 8149558090
​​​4)Name: -​ ​​​Smt. Surekha Jadhav
Mobile No: 8796445075

Buddhibal Kreeda Trust, Pune, Organizing​​,

"Shri Maheshwaranand Sarswati Memorial All India Open FIDE Rating Chess Championship 2016​​.​"
Date : ​24th September to 29th September 2016
Venue: ​​​Shri. Ganesh Sabhagruh,
Karve Road, Behind Ranka Jwellers,
HPCL Petrol Pump Lane,
Pune - 411004.

Contact Details:
​​​​​​Buddhibal Kreeda Trust
Mobile No: 98810​77293
Phone No: 020 - 25443136
Email ID: ​ ​bktpune@gmaiI.com
​​​3)Web : -​ ​​​www.kuntechessacademy.com

Cash Rewards for the Chess Players from Maharashtra State,

​For the period 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2016.
Please refer MCA Home Page / Player's Corner / Awardees / Title Holders.The criteria of cash incentives to medal winner and the list of Chess Players from Maharashtra State eligible for Cash reward.If erroneously anyone's name is missed or any correction / addition in the list, please contact MCA
MCA Email ID - maharashtrachess@gmail.com

​​Ahmednagar District Chess Circle, Organizing​,

"2nd Player's Chess League Rapid Rating Team ​Chess Championship 2016."
​​​Event Code : -​ 139382 / MAH (R)(T) / 2016​​
Date : ​​​​​​​​​​​11th September to 12th September 2016.
Venue: ​​​Laxminarayan Mangal Karyalaya,
Tilak Road, Near Swastik Chowk,

Contact Details:
​​​​​​1)Name: -​ ​​​Shri. Yashwant Bapat,
Mobile No: 9326092501​ / 9665932163
Email ID: ​ ​​bapatyashwant@yahoo.co.in

Kind Attention to All,

As per AICF policy, dress code is compulsory for all the players, who are participating in National Tournaments.
Hence, MCA is providing T-shirts to the National Players.
Kindly contact MCA for T-shirts, at least one month before the Nationals. Any 11th hour confirmation / request, will not be accepted by MCA.
Contact Details:
​​​E-mail: -​ maharashtrachess@gmail.com
(11th hour confirmation / request, will not be accepted).

MCA academy registration:

Those who are interested to registered their academies can send dully filled form available at MCA / Home page/ Downloads / Forms and Format.
The registered academies details will be displayed on MCA / Home Page / Directory / Academies

Present Status of All Arbiters From Maharashtra for Financial year 2015-16.

For more details, please refer MCA / HOME PAGE / DIRECTORY / ARBITERS.
For any updation / addition / changes / correction in the list and renewal of arbiter registration for the financial year 2016-17 kindly contact MCA:
E-mail Id :- maharashtrachess@gmail.com

"M​orphy Chess Academy​ Organizing​,Morphy International Open FIDE Rating Chess Championship 2016.​"
Event Code: ​134002 / MAH / 2016
Date: ​​​​​​​​​12th November to 17th November 2016​.​​
Venue: ​​​Navrang Hall, B/H Market Yard,Panchavati, Nashik.
Contact Details:
​​​​​​1)Name: -​ Shri. Anand Yashwante
Mobile No: ​9689143925 / 9422769792
​​ Email ID: ​ ​morphychessacademy111@gmail.com

Dear All,

​Kindly Note that MCA office is shifted from current location​​​ - C/o. Devarshi Properties , Block 1, 2nd Floor, J. P. Chamber, Shraddhanandpeth, Nagpur​ to new one.
The New office address ​of MCA is ​- Maharashtra Chess Association, 123 Shankarnagar, Nagpur - 440010.
This is for your kind information​.

Important Announcement from AICF​ for.

PIO ( Person of Indian origin ) / OCI ( Overseas Citizen of India ) card holders:
For more details please see - MCA Important Notices.​

The ELO rating of a player while participating in a ELO restricted tournament, will be based on the highest rating attained by the player in his career and not on his current rating.

For more details refer to Important Notices.


Please note : As per FIDE rules no game will be rated if played without chess clocks. Further in case of any fine imposed by FIDE for event organized without chess clocks the organizers and their State chess association are solely responsible and the event also will not be rated.

Very Important note for all
parents / players



"Players who are willing to participate in the age group National's are requested to submit their DOB Certificates to AICF immediately to update our records".

Aicf Has a Very Strict Rule
About the Age Limit

For Arbiters – License and
Registration Compulsory

Entry Form For Nationals / Aicf

Confirmation For Participating
In National Tournament

Celebration-Chess Day
7th September

For National Challenger
Men/Women - State Tournament
Participation Compulsory

Fide License For Unregistered

Caution Notice - Participation
In Unauthorized Tournaments
Maharashtra Government GR - 5% reservations to the meritorious players of Maharashtra in Government, Semi Government and other field.

Maharashtra Government GR - 5% Reservaton in Government, Semi Government and Other field to the meritorious players of state.