Maharashtra 2014 - 2015
Tournament Calendar 2014-2015
Maharashtra State U-7 Mumbai Mumbai 15th - 19th February View
52nd Maharashtra State Open Selection Chess Chempionship Mumbai Mumbai 15th - 19th February View
Maharashtra State U-9 Aurangabad Aurangabad 27th Feb- 3rd March View
MCL Pune Pune 11th - 15th June  
Maharashtra State U-15 Pune Pune 23rd - 28th April View
Maharashtra State U-11 Nasik Nasik 30th April - 4th May View
47th Late S.K. Vaidya Memorial Sangli Festival Sangli Sangli 1st - 31st May  
7th Mayor's Cup International Open Chess Tounament Mumbai Mumbai 1st - 9th June 2014 View
Maharashtra State U-19 Pune Pune 11th - 15th June View
National Junior Boys & Girls  Maharashtra Pune 10th-18th July 2014 View
Maharashtra State U-13 Nagpur Nagpur 24th - 28th August View
Maharashtra State Women Selection Pune Pune 16th - 20th August 2014 View
Maheshwaranand Sarswati Memorial Fide Rating Chess Tournament circular Pune Pune 13th - 17th September View
1st Swabhimani Chashak Open Fide Rating Chess Tournament 2014 Kolhapur Hupari-Rendal 19th - 23th September View
Maharashtra State Ameteur Jalgaon Jalgaon 25th - 28th September View
Maharashtra State U-25 Mumbai Mumbai 1st - 5th October View
Maharashtra State U-17 Raigad Raigad 29th Oct - 2th Nov 2014 View
Late Budhmalji Kunkulol Memorial Chess Tournament-2014 Shrirampur Shrirampur 8th to 9th November 2014 View
National Women Premier 2014 Maharashtra Sangli 24th oct - 5th Nov 2014 View
Shanti Kumarji Firodia All Maharashtra FIDE Rating Tournament Ahmednagar Ahmednagar 03rd Nov - 7th Nov 2014 View
Maharashtra Open Chess Championship Sangamner Sangamner 19th Nov to 23rd Nov 2014 View
All Maharashtra FIDE Rating Chess Tournament Aurangabad Aurangabad 24th Nov to 28th Nov 2014 View
1st Pataskar Rapid Rating tournament Thane Thane 29th Nov to 30th Nov 2014 View
Master Neeraj Gawale Memorial 1st All India Open FIDE Rating Rapid Chess Championships 2014 & Dr. Mohan Mawalge Memorial 2nd All India Open FIDE Rating Blitz Chess Championships 2014 Mumbai Thane 06th Dec & 7th Dec 2014 View
3rd Sou Nirmala Vaze Memorial All India FIDE Rating rapid Mumbai Mulund 13th Dec & 14th Dec 2014  
Indiana All India FIDE Rating Chess Tournament Nagpur Nagpur 12th Dec to 16th Dec 2014 View
Suraj FIDE Rating Open Chess Tournament-2014 Maharashtra Sangali 25th - 29th December 2014 View
1st All India Open International FIDE Rating Chess Tournament (Up to 10th Standard) Mumbai Lower Parel (E) 24th & 28th December 2014 View
Maharashtra State Chess Chempionship Kolhapur      
State School Boys & Girls        
Maharashtra State Open Rating Rapid        
Maharashtra State Rating Blitz Sel.        
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