Ashok Jain (Jalgaon)   
Cell: 9422278888    
Ravindra Dongre(Mumbai)
Cell: 9820185231

Dilip Pagay (Nagpur)
Hon. Gen. Secretary
Cell: 9890576769

Abhijit Kunte (Pune)  
Commissioner, Chess In School
Cell: 9422306236     
Manoj Itkelwar (Nagpur)    
Vice President
Cell: 9823326949    
Munish Sharma (Aurangabad)  
Otrector General, MIT   
Cell: 9422202202       
P,B. Bhilare (Mumbai)    
Cell: 9869017221    
Moreshwar Bhagwat (Pune)  
Hon. Joint Secretary
Cell: 9881137706    
Charudatta Deosale (Aurangabad)    
E.C. Member
Cell: 9764210714    
Vilas Mhatre (Raigarh)  
E.C. Member
Cell: 9423822469    
Vitthal Madhav (Mumbai)   
E.C. Member
Cell: 9702273330    
Kishor Lavekar (Aurangabad)   
E.C. Member
Cell: 9373865050    
Rajesh Sawarkar (Nagpur)   
E.C. Member
Cell: 9422105970   
Niranjan Godbole (Pune)   
E.C. Member
Cell: 9673003780    
Ramesh Charate (Sangali)   
E.C. Member
Cell: 9422616067    
July 07 2010 - This is to inform all chess players / organisers / officials that any chess event organized under the banner of "Chess Association of India" is not recognized by the All India Chess Federation...