Shiven's Corner
This corner of chess problems is compiled by IM Shiven Khosla who is also World Under -14 silver medalist. New problems will be posted every week. you can send your answers at, Name of the players who send in correct answers will be flashed on the website. The correct answers will be discussed after one week.
White to play and win
Solution of this Problem will be given in next week...
Pervious Week's Answer :
1...Re3! (blocking the escape of whites king with e3) 2.fxe3 Nh3 with Qg1 unavoidable. Student who gave correct answer of problem 1. are Siddharth Nair, Vaibhav Bhat, Mangesh.R. Gambhire, Shekhar Sirsat
July 07 2010 - This is to inform all chess players / organisers / officials that any chess event organized under the banner of "Chess Association of India" is not recognized by the All India Chess Federation...